Monday, April 28, 2008

Vineyard Ride 2008

Okay, I am committed... or I should be! LOL! I have sent in my entry for the Vineyard Ride coming up at the end of next month. Now I have to get out of the riding arena and onto the trail to get horse fit enough to do this event. It's an interesting ride. I have participated the last 3 times they held this event and each time it kept getting better.

So, you may ask, what is a Vineyard ride? Well, it's mixing wine tasting and horseback riding. LOL, yes, there are many jokes to be made there but in reality it's a fun and interesting experience. Here's a description of the event, which I edited a bit from the actual registration form:

The Fourth Annual Vineyard Ride - Saturday, MAY 31st (rain date: Sunday,June 1rd)

A wine tasting tour on horseback to benefit the restoration of historic Old Field Farm and the Nassau Suffolk Horseman's Association.

We will visit: Martha Clara, Paumanok, and Jamesport Vineyards.

The trail ride and tasting will start at 10 A.M. and last for approximately 3 hours. The luncheon will follow on the lovely grounds of Martha Clara Vineyards.

This opportunity will be limited to 100 equestrians. Family and friends may “hilltop” (registering without a horse) and will
have an opportunity to participate by car.
We will taste several wines at each vineyard and you may remain on horseback to do so. Water will be available for horses and riders at each tasting stop. ASTM protective headgear is strongly recommended and a release form must be signed before departure. Hill toppers (those on foot) may follow the horses on foot and/or arrangement to use vehicles.

Riders often look for exotic trips to Europe to book trips to ride and explore the European Countryside. Many of
these vacation packages involve traveling through wine country and riding from vineyard to vineyard. Long Island is home to many fine vineyards so why not explore your own "back yard"?

Shutterbugs are welcome to photograph this event. The beauty of Long Island’s North Shore landscape, the
vineyards, horses and people should serve as interesting subject material!

Wine will be available for purchase at each vineyard. A vineyard ride steward can take your order and payment at
the vineyard and will send your purchases back to Martha Clara Vineyards to be picked up during the luncheon.

Last year, my husband and I worked it out so he brought his road bike and I went with my horse. (Horse had to share the other stall in his 2-horse trailer with a bike.) While I rode with the group on the trails through the vineyards, husband took his bike out on the roads. When we arrived at the first vineyard stop, I called him on my cell phone and he was not too far away by bike. He met me at the vineyard and we sampled the wines together, then when the horse group moved on, I left with them and husband went back to riding his bike. At the end we met up where we started, enjoyed the lunch and wine and headed for home.

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