Thursday, December 18, 2008

Back In The Saddle

Tonight was lesson night again for the boyz. It was soooo cold. They are troupers, the cold made them complain but they wanted to ride even with the chill. The Master asked how Harrison was after last weeks' lesson. I told him of the child's comment about "it's like falling from your bike, you just get back on". The Master said, "Really? Wow, I'm impressed". Harrison's only thought was maybe it would be better to ride a different pony this week, since the one he got bucked from, "Bandit" was "not so nice". So, he got his request:

This is Harrison riding Donny. Harrison was a little more apprehensive, especially when Donny trotted for him. Donny has a much more forward trot than Bandit and it caught Harrison by surprise. But even with his newfound respect of falling, he didn't bail out on the lesson. He kept at it, although with a little more walking than trotting this time and was happy with the ride.

This is Devon riding Bandit. He had his usual good lesson and told his brother afterward, "yeah, I straightened him out for ya, Harrison."


Ellie said...

Great pictures, they are too cute!

Ellie and Werther Blog

allhorsestuff said...


OnTheBit said...

hahaha...oh, from the mouths of babes! I am glad Harrison got back on and that his brother took care of that naughty pony bandit for him :P Man I miss working with the little ones.

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