Sunday, April 5, 2009

Swap Night Fun

We had a good time at the Swap Night! It is always a fun time to be at an event where all your horse friends are there at the same time. It was busy, lots of table LOADED with stuff to browse through. I didn't think I would sell much but I was pleasently surprised at the things that did go. The only thing I managed to find was a nice, 6 inch eggbutt snaffle for the big guy.

Mostly my husband and I were busy watching my table and keeping track of the boyz as they roamed the rooms. One good thing at this event is so many people know them that there are watchful eyes everywhere. They quickly found my vet's 3 children and were off and running with them in search of tables offering any candy or toys.

I rode Rugby for a short time yesterday before cleaning up to go to Swap Night. Yesterday was a very windy, gusty one here. But I missed 3 days of riding with the rain and wanted to get in some kind of saddle time. He was the best yet about standing for me at the mounting block. But no sooner had I settled into the tack than a white plastic bag went airborne across the arena behind us. Rugby snorted, and scooted forward about 10 yards when I whoa'ed him to a stop. I soothed him and asked him to just walk on and he seemed okay with that. But it was a day when the spook worthy stuff just kept coming! One of the restaurant workers was banging around in the dumpsters on the other side of the fence that separates the restaurant parking lot from our property. Then a delivery truck pulled up in their parking lot and started unloading frozen fish. Out in the polo arena one of the young boys was loping around on his horse. Amidst all the distraction was gusty wind, rattling all sorts of things and making strange noises.

After his initial spook, Rugby was watchful but paying attention to me. We worked at the walk and trot and aside from his still wanting to stop each time we passed the barn door, he was very good and put up with all the distractions. Then came the best one yet. A truck from the phone company pulled up on the road outside the riding ring, the worker climbed into the cherry picker on the truck and raised it up to work in the control box on the phone pole! I'm wondering what this horse is going to think about this and of all the things, this was the one that he didn't bat an eyelash at.

Today has started sunny and warmer. I'm looking forward to spending some time at the barn this afternoon.


OnceUponAnEquine said...

It's really a noisy, hectic world our horses must live in now. We can't be prepared enough for what might blow in the wind or come rumbling down the road or those unseen crashing noises. Sounds like Rugby did pretty good with all the distractions. He sounds like a gem.

Jean said...

Braver than I was, riding in the wind. Rugby is proving to be a good solid character, isn't he? I suspect he is well on his way to being "A Good Horse" for you indeed.