Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bad Riding blog

By now, I'm sure everyone knows about this blog. I have stopped by there once or twice before but for some reason I found it compelling to browse through earlier today. Maybe it's my mood, as I got poor sleep last night with both kids and myself being sick, or maybe I just wondered if any pics of me had made it to the site, LOL. Anyway, here's the link. Sometimes funny, sometimes disturbing and mostly "what the heck?" check out Bad Riding.


Jean said...

Ouch. I've been "left behind" at a fence a few times in my life, so I do feel sorry for some of the people. But the unsafe pics, and the women riding in...uhm....not exactly riding attire? What's with that? Like those commercials with the women in white dresses, hair streaming out, galloping through the ocean....I guess the "saddle rash" get treated when they tend to their skull fractures as a bonus?

Jennifer said...

I hope they stay outta my pictures & video. I'm sure to a high level rider I look terrible.

Only diff is, I'm blogging to keep up with progress, and I want to keep up the bads so the goods look good later.

FlyingHorse2 said...

Oh my! I see this alot at shows. I don't know why parents and trainers try to push riders up a division without the proper training.

George said...!/video/video.php?v=499329667642&oid=192033594146011&comments

Video of a very dangerous situation.