Thursday, October 14, 2010

Strike out

So, we took the chance. I couldn't bring myself to make the call and my husband called with our agreed upon lowball offer for the red horse. The woman didn't take it. My husband left it that if she can't find a buyer in the range she wants, to reconsider and know the horse will be going to a good home.

I'm okay with that. At least I know where I stand and can close the door here.

So I continue to half board. And it's nice enough - but it's boring.


Jean said...

Aha! Give her some time to think about it. If your offer was fair, she may still come around.

In the meantime, I'm happy you made the move and were wise enough to know just how much you could afford and didn't go beyond it.

A half lease isn't perfect, but you are able to ride. Having a horse of your own again will happen, I'm sure of it. *hug*

OnTheBit said...

well if you don't find something else I am pretty sure that by Jan you will have another horse. That woman is not going to sell him in this market! I thought of you last night at a haunted house I was at because they had an area with a bunch of people in the scream mask. My friends were all very impressed with your handy work!

English Rider said...

I wish I could come up with something profound and helpful.
I hope this is a Temporary Holding Pattern, not a Strike Out.
It is good to read an update from you, however disheartening. I do wonder how you're doing in between Posts.

JanLou said...

Hope she changes her mind and you get your horse. I would love to have my own horse but can't really afford the time or money but am taking the first step borrowing a horse for the winter.

SolitaireMare said...

Thanks for the hopeful thoughts. Many people have echoed the same sentiment, it's a bad market and an even worse time of year to try and sell a horse. She may yet consider the offer. It would be nice but I am not holding my breath.
I despise looking for a horse. It is heart breaking. If I had unlimited funds, it might be fun but, as I've said in past posts, with a small budget to shop with and limitations on the size of the horse it sucks. :(