Friday, February 18, 2011

Riding Lesson Tonight

The end of another week and it's time for my children's riding lessons. However, one of them is having a sticky point in his riding. Two weeks ago the pony he was riding in his lesson got a little spooky. Though my son wasn't hurt and in fact did a good job of controlling the pony and getting him to settle down, he did get a little rattled by it and has now insisted on going back on the lunge line to do anything faster than a walk.

His brother will canter for the first time tonight. Their trainer (who I call "the Master" in case you have forgotten or didn't know due to my erratic posting schedule) thinks it would be good for the suddenly timid brother to have a few weeks off from lessons, and then to return to the saddle as the weather warms up. He's also counting on the competitiveness between the two of them as an extra push to get Mr. Scaredy pants back on track. I agreed. So in the meantime, I asked to take his time slot and have a lesson myself with Ruby, my half-boarding horse.

I'm tired of going in circles. I need to jump around and as long as Ruby is feeling up to it we'll do some work over fences tonight. I've been sliding into that emotional ditch again lately where the horses are concerned and need something to divert me. I hope the Master gives me a good challenge tonight.


Abbie said...

After reading your comment on my blog I can't help but want to leave you a comment and give you a hug.
Luckily I've never had to go through such a thing so I can only imagine how it feels.
If you ever need a chat then feel free to drop me an email
Kind regards and take care

Charlie said...

I'm sure "mr scardypants" will snap out of it.. I give him credit for sticking with it in the winter in general! :) Hope you have a good lesson!

Jean said...

It might be wise to put timid brother in the saddle for just five minutes or so just to give him a good ride before he takes a break. Hope it works out for all.

Looking forward to your report on your own lesson.

Annette said...

When my daughter was young, our horse cantered off with her. She rode it out well with our trainer giving her instructions but she lost her nerve. It took her awhile to get it back, but she did. I just let her come to it in her own time.

Lisa said...

Good in him for sticking it out. And how refreshing to hear the trainer thinks it is a good idea to give give him a break from riding. He won't want to stay away for long!

Dreaming said...

I hope you have a wonderful lesson - remember, the outside of a horse is good for the inside of a woman!

Anonymous said...

Hooray for good trainers! I think your trainer is to be commended for the sage advice of letting your son take a break. My daughter has also struggled with fear sometimes even though she loves horses and riding. We have always just backed off--a nice break, "pony rides", games...we do the fun stuff for a while. Or back on the lunge line, why not? The important thing is to feel comfortable. She is actually working on the lunge line again at the moment learning to canter and it's going great.