Thursday, September 15, 2011

Over a Month Gone By

Yes, that's a picture of Joey's bit. I don't take enough pictures and figured it would be nice to start off with a photo. So this was the first thing I could think of. Besides, I love that he goes very nicely in such a soft, gentle snaffle.

So it is over a month gone by and Joey is a lovely horse. Whenever someone asks me "How's it going?" or "How's he doing?" my answer is always. "Great, and the thing I love most about him is he's the same horse every time I work with him."

Hot sunny day = quiet, steady Joey
Windy overcast day before hurricane Irene = quiet, steady Joey
Riding out in the grass field near the woods = quiet, steady Joey
Riding around the property and into the indoor arena = quiet, steady Joey
Riding outside in the evening as it gets dark without the lights on = quiet, steady Joey
Fire truck leaves the fire house across the street with lots of noise and lights = quiet, steady Joey
Horse turned out in paddock next to riding ring takes off bucking and farting = quiet, steady Joey
Just say the word "Whoa" = quiet, steady Joey will immediately stop and stand still!

I feel like I'm holding my breath, like I'm subconsciously waiting for him to be a jerk. However, I am not nervous at all around him, even riding. I guess I also feel like when he finally does spook or something, if his attitude is any indication it should be something I can handle in the saddle.

Whoever started this 6 year old horse has my utmost respect. I did get to talk with the man who sold him to me about two weeks after I'd bought him and he asked me how the horse was working out. He got the same answer as above. He said good, he was glad to hear it and that I had lucked out and gotten an exceptionally good horse. Then he told me that Joey came from a farm in Virginia and the woman who owns the farm had been calling him to try and sell more of her horses as apparently she has a lot of horses.

This woman also fox hunts and he told me Joey was used as a "guest horse" on the hunts as he is so quiet. Made sense to me and also made me feel even better about buying him since he supposedly has experience doing what I want us to do!

I wish I could contact this woman who sold him through the horse dealer to let her know Joey is safe with me and in a loving, forever home. The fact that he's such a sweet, gentle animal, I know if I had to sell him, I wouldn't be able to sleep at night if I didn't know what sort of home he had gone to.

And another benefit of all this is I have been trying very hard to ride 3-4 times a week and my knee seems to be getting stronger. I rarely wear a brace except when riding and in the saddle I use the Professional's Choice Miracle Knee Support which is supportive but very flexible.
I can dismount almost by jumping off the way I used to and there is no pain at all. I even run up and down flights of stairs at home and at work with no pain or instability.

Oh, I am still aware of the damage, the knee does not feel "quite right" and is still a little stiffer than the other one. I also cannot collapse the joint completely to sit in a kneeling position. If I try that, it isn't painful but it is extremely tight and very hard to make it flex enough to sit with any comfort. But I can work on that I guess with stretching and if I can't sit/kneel anymore I guess that will be okay.

So maybe surgery can be put off for awhile. That's what the ortho doc I went to for my second opinion told me and I'm kind of agreeing more and more.

And there is a hunter pace coming up in November that I am toying with the idea of attending. It's nice to be able to plan again. Even if I don't go, it's nice to know I COULD go if I wanted to.


Once Upon an Equine said...

"An exceptionally good horse." That is wonderful. Joey sounds like a dream. Will you try to track down the lady who owned him? Will the horse dealer be willing to pass your contact information to her?

Net said...

I am so very, very happy for you.

Everyone deserves a horse who can be such a joy to them, and take them to such a happy place.

SunnySD said...

So pleased for you!

Barbara said...

This is all great news and he does sound like a wonderful horse.

Anonymous said...

He is a wonderful horse, and you are very fortunate to have found him. I also use a bit like the one you pictured, for two of my horses, although in a full cheek version.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I'm glad your knee is going better and you're able to ride. You are blessed to have such a great, stable horse, too.
I used that same Professional Choice knee brace for the first 4-6 months after I got the full leg brace off after my ACL surgery. It made a huge difference in my comfort level and stability and allowed me to ride again.

My mare, Apache uses that exact same Korsteel French Link bit, except hers is a D-Ring. She is very relaxed in it.


Dreaming said...

I am so glad to hear how wonderful Joey is and how much enjoyment you get from having and riding him. Hooray. You deserve it!

allhorsestuff said...

The more I read about Joey and you together...the more I realise how he wad set apart for you...its so north the waiting you had to go through.
Happy smiles to your!!
Do it, go ahead!

Kate said...

He sounds truly amazing, I'm so glad you found him.

Jean said...

Yay! About the knee. Good news indeed and hope for me, now that I have two very sore new ones of my own.

I am delighted about Joey. He sounds like the "perfect" horse to me. Please give him a hug from me, and make it a good one!!

Cousin B said...

I'm so happy for you and Joey. He sounds like a perfect fit! I know those feelings you are experiencing as I am one month into my first horse and going through that a little too. But it sounds like we are equally enjoying our new guys! So happy for you!

Dressage Person said...

Great consistent horses are products of great consistent riders. =) Don't forget to give yourself credit for your wonderful horse! :)

Best of luck with your knee,

K @ /