Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Riding Lesson this evening

Okay, it's been 6 months since Joey and I became owner and horse. I figure that was plenty of time for us to get to know each other, for me to rehab my knee in the saddle, get back in riding shape and to form a relationship. I have decided we will start to put on a little more pressure and go into a lesson program, specifically to work on Joey's jumping style... or lack thereof.

He's honest and game over a fence but not always the most graceful goose in the pond if you get my drift. So I'm hoping to work with gymnastic exercises over fences under my trainer's watchful eye and school him to be more aware of picking up his feet, using himself with a little more effort and striding into an obstacle correctly.

But mostly I think it will just be fun to be challenged again!


Dreaming said...

I can't wait to hear about your lessons. It sounds like you will have fun!

I put four poles down for Pippin to trot over. He is so green even that is a challenge!

Jean said...

Way cool!! Sounds as if you and Joey are having a great time, even if he isn't the most graceful jumper ever.

Gymnastics are so much fun and such great training for the horse. Have a great time.

SunnySD said...

Sounds like fun to do, and fun to read about - looking forward to hearing how it goes!