Monday, August 25, 2008

Ode to my Smartpaks

I love Smartpaks. How easy is it to pick out your horses' feed supplements and have someone else measure it and set it all up for you, then deliver it to your house well before you run out? Before I had the twins, I did the whole process myself, every 30 days sitting down at the kitchen table like a mad scientist scooping out portions of this and that and sealing it into ziploc snack sized baggies.

After the birth of the boyz, way different story. I had no time to add that baggie chore to the huge list. And would feel super guilty when I realized my horse had gone 2 weeks (um, or more... ;P) without supplements. The only reason I held off from using Smartpaks for awhile longer was they didn't offer the exact same supplements that I had chosen for Monty. But finally, I gave up, substituted as best I could from their offerings and have been very pleased ever since. Yep, it costs a bit more, but it bought me time, which I have realized is truly the most precious commodity you can buy.

So, here is a haiku poem, as tribute to my love of Smartpaks:

Smartpaks are a gift
to horseperson with no time
for filling baggies


Callie said...

LMAO to your haiku poem! LOL

Grey Horse Matters said...

With 7 horses who all get supplements of one kind or another we enjoy the convenience of smart paks. It makes it so much easier to get home from work and just zip them open and mix with the feed and you're done. Like your poem too!

OnTheBit said...

hahaha...I love it! Smartpaks are great! I love it when they offer free shipping because all the stuff in their catalogs are so cute too! As a barn working Smartpaks really did make my life easier so thank you for being boarder and for using smarkpaks !