Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Still Sickkk

I wish this horrible sinus-infection-head-cold whatever it is would just leave! I have been living on a Dayquil/Nyquil schedule. My head feels like it's going to explode, I'm coughing all the time and my sinuses are backed up farther than the Long Island Expressway on a Friday afternoon.

I cancelled my lesson on Monday and I just cancelled my make-up lesson that was to be tonight. I just don't have the strength to ride up to lesson standards. However the weather is just SO darn nice that I may drag my carcass to the barn tonight and hack around a bit just to alleviate the guilt I have for not riding for over a week, now!


Grey Horse Matters said...

That's miserable. Try some mucinex, that works pretty well for me.

Mrs Mom said...

Feel better SOOOON!!!!! Being sick at the start of Fall just sucks!

SolitaireMare said...

Thanks for the feel better wishes, GHM and Mrs.Mom. I took the plunge and stayed home from work today. Hoping one day of trying to rest will help me kick it.