Monday, July 13, 2009


To those loyal readers who have bestowed awards on me, I am so thankful! I will pick them up ASAP!

Rugby and I are getting along so well. Tomorrow T.S. is coming for another session and I'm psyched!

My hoof trimmer came to work on Rugby's hooves and was impressed at how well mannered he is now about lifting and holding up his hooves to be worked on. Rugby was lifting each foot up by himself for the trimmer as he moved to each one! When I first got him, he wouldn't even lift his hoof and hold it up for more than a few seconds without having to put it down and try again. I take full credit for solving that one.

Now I'm keeping fingers crossed our little run of lovely dry weather holds for tomorrow evening!


Kritter Keeper said...

sounds like everything is going well for you! i am sure your trainer will be proud of you for advancing your horse and be so diligent.

Jean said...

Super dooper!! Hoping to hear you have ridden a little soon. Rugby is learning so well, I have high expectations for his new found respect transferring to the saddle.

I know how good you can feel when your horse behaves for the farrier. It's like your child getting an A+ in class....well better. How about straight A's?

Once Upon an Equine said...

Wishing you great weather for you training session. PM T-Storms keep ruining my plans. Why doesn't it rain at night when horses and people are tucked into their beds? Good boy Rugby for picking up hooves. It is so nice when a big horse cooperates like that.

~ C said...

When you have time, please drop by Go Diego Go! to pick up your Honest Scrap award.

You're my only non-endurance blog!!! =)