Saturday, February 6, 2010

Winter Exercises for when you can't ride your horse

I have the motivation of a slug. I know I should do SOMETHING with Mr.Greenie pants. But the thought of piling on layers of clothing to drag my lazy carcass to the barn to be looked at by my horse like, "What are you doing here? You are NOT taking me out of my warm stall, are you?" doesn't give me much encouragement.

What little we have done in the last month has been good. He's retained all his basics even with my slacking. January is a lousy month for me. I have to travel on business to two trade shows in this one month. I lose 2 entire weekends and in the winter, the weekends are about all I get for working with Rugby.

The tremendous snowstorm they were predicting this weekend did nothing in Suffolk county on Long Island. So "Snowmageddon" was an epic FAIL by my house. I repaired my horses' freshly cleaned turn out blanket this afternoon but I still haven't been able to get myself to the barn.

My NH trainer, Tony has some videos posted at the website. "Talkin' Horses". I finally got the chance to watch them this morning. His series on things to work on with your horse when the weather and conditions are not good for riding have given me a little more motivation to go and play with Rugby. Here are the two videos Tony has made for Winter Exercises to do to keep connected with your horse:

Talkin Horses - Winter Exercises part 1

Talkin Horses - Winter Exercises part 2

I hope they give some of you a little motivation too in this cold winter weather.


IanH said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing the video! I know how hard it is to get riding motivated in the winter. We don't have a barn, so everything is out in the cold. My limit is -10C for riding. below that it is too hard on the horse and the rider. I haven't figured out how to tack up yet with heavy gloves on.

Jean said...

I'll look at the videos in a bit. I too am having motivation issues, so I understand completely--and my Boys are in the back yard!

Sorry to say, Snowmageddon hit us, but only with perhaps 10 inches. South Jersey was hit hard and I hear the shore is getting nailed too.

Still, 10 inches is nothing to sniff at. I definitely needed to plow myself out. (Came in about an hour ago.)

Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing the info. Even if you aren't limited by the weather, it's nice to have some alternative exercises to do!

Susan said...

I just googled, "motivate me to ride my horse in winter" and came up with your post. Thanx, so much I'll be playing in the barn all winter now.