Monday, March 8, 2010

Old GPA riding helmet - recovery or research value? Or just trash?

So, with all the talk about helmets, due in part to Courtney King-Dye's unfortunate accident, I have a question that I can't find addressed anywhere.

What do you do with a helmet that's ready to be discarded?

Okay, the first answer is to throw it out, right? Well, maybe that's the correct answer but I want to know if anyone has another suggestion. Throwing it away doesn't seem very "green", does it? This thing will take forever to decompose in a landfill!

My old helmet is a GPA and if you've seen them in tack shops and catalogs, they are not cheap!! Call me a miser, but it bothers me a little to just throw it in the trash after I worked so hard saving up for it years ago. A more fitting end, in my opinion, would be to send it back to the company for research (and I would be happy just to do that, I expect nothing in return) but I can't find any information if they do that sort of thing. That helmet has given me 5 years of safe rides, maybe they'd learn something from it even though it hasn't been busted badly in a fall. All those years of riding in sun, rain, cold and humidity. All the sweat, makeup and hair products residue inside and the occasional ding and drop might have information of value to offer. I know there are other helmet companies that do this, I think it's great field research!

Like recycled electronics, are there any components in riding helmets that are harvestable? Like the titanium composite strip in the front of the GPA?

Are there any artists out there looking for helmets to create something from old horseback riding helmets?

Have any of you ever thought about stuff like this or am I just odd? ;)


Jean said...

I know Troxel takes back any helmet that's damaged. But used? Good question.

You're right, there ought to be a place to recycle them.

OnTheBit said... have never thought about something like that. But I am also not very "green" so kudos to you for thinking about recycling. I think you should e-mail them to see if they want it back because they seem like a company that is very into research. Let us know what you decide to do with it.

Pony Girl said...

Well if the helmet is still good, could it be donated to programs, such as therapeutic riding, big stables, dude ranches, etc.? They usually have a fair amount of helmets around and might need updated ones from time to time. For the actual end of the line, never to be used again helmet, not sure how to help you on that one....