Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Recycling Horseback Riding Helmets?

I've decided to research this further. After my post yesterday I continued to look around online about recycling safety headgear and it seems that bicyclists are the only ones that have any information of value at this time on this subject. I found a few topics about how to recycle old or damaged bicycle helmets. Please read about them at these links:

Can I recycle my Bicycle Helmet?
The Bicycle Helmet - Reduce, Reuse or Recycle?
How to Dispose of a Bicycle Helmet
How can I Reuse or Recycle a Broken Bike Helmet?

Some horseback riding helmets seem to use similar materials as the construction of bicycle helmets, such as some of the Troxel helmets, maybe these suggestions would be useful for some of those models.

I also found very brief discussions on disposing of motorcycle helmets and safety hard hats, which you can read about here:

How can I Reuse or Recycle a Motorcycle Helmet?
How can I Reuse or Recycle a Yellow Hard Hat?

So now I'm beginning to write to the horseback riding helmet companies themselves to see if they have any information to offer regarding the end of usefulness of their products. I'll be updating this topic as I hear (or don't hear) from them. Let's see which company can be the first to be "green" with their products from start to finish!


Anonymous said...

AFIK, Casco helmets are under certain circumstances returnable to the manufacturer - I think this is limited to a period of about three years after purchase and they only take them back if the helmet was damaged in a horse related accident. Since they use these helmets for research, you`ll get a new helmet for your old one. Unfortunately there aren`t any informations about this service on the company website, but in the leaflets you get with every purchased helmet.

Stephanie said...

very interesting topic. I myslef seem to have a growing collection of helmets over the past 35 years. My very first ones are so old and cool looking that I actually have them up as home decor. But it would be really nice to have somewhere to send them that could re-use at least parts of the newer 'old' ones.

Jean said...

Great bit of research. I hunted around a bit myself after I read your blog yesterday, but got sidetracked and never did find anything. Thanks for the useful links.

You done good!! *VBWG*

By Way of Salem said...

AND...I'd like to add a comment about definitely riding with a helmet at all times! I know it's redundant and most people know this but we also think our heads are inpenetrable. I'd like to share a photo with you if anyone's interested. You can see it on my Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/album.php?page=2&aid=8460&id=100000244177468 be prepared - it's very graphic! Not meaning to scare anyone - but it's serious. And obviously I'm alive cause I'm writing this - but I'm lucky.

By Way of Salem said...

I posted the picture on my blog instead bywayofsalem.blogspot.com - Please wear a helmet!

SolitaireMare said...

averagecowgirl - !hanks for the Casco link! Seems that's a common policy for a few of the headgear makers but the time limit is 2-3 years and only if it's been in a crash. No recycling info. though but will add them to my list of companies to email. Very helpful!

Stephanie - any pix of your decor using helmets? I'd love to see! :)

Jean - Glad you enjoyed the links!

BWoSalem - O-M-G! Thank goodness you survived that horrific injury! Yes, it was graphic but a really good shot of reality. Maybe some people need to see the hardcore visuals to "get it". Thanks for sharing. I for one, will continue to wear my helmet after seeing that!!

jacksonsgrrl said...

I never know what to do with them. I now have a helmet hall of fame hanging in my garage which is kinda cool. Crash a helmet and hang it up. Currently have 5 up there....
And I returned one to Troxel after I crashed it and they DID NOT pay for s&h OR replace the helmet. It was less than a year old and I had the receipt too. This was in 2004. So now I have a wall of helmets....

Oregon Equestrian said...

Consider donating an old but still usable helmet to the nearest handicapped riding facility, or a stable with a school horse lesson program (folks new to riding won't own a helmet).

As for a damaged helmet -- I have no idea. One would think the plastic elements could be recycled in some manner. Visit your state's environmental agency web site?

Rug said...

Great post - would be fantastic if there was an easy way to recycle them, will look into it too and keep you posted. Noticed that someone had mentioned donating old helmets to a local riding school, am sure you all know but here is a good link to some more info about safety guidelines for riding hats from Equestrian Outfitters. Look forward to hearing more from you on this topic.