Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Disturbing Equines

Who collected model horses as a kid? Who still collects them but only talks about it among others with the same obsession? My model horses were my #1 playthings as a kid. I still have a vast reservoir of Breyer beauties that occasionally descend from my attic to be given to my kids or to be sold on Ebay for needed cash.

So I enjoy checking out the Breyer blogs. I have always held the best custom-makers in highest regard because even though I am an artist, what they can do with a model horse leaves me simply intimidated.

That being said, this little blog is encouraging for those of us who are not going to be messing with their factory issue model horses anytime soon. If these critters were good enough to leave the factory this way, then anything I could do to a Breyer horse would pale by comparison!

Enjoy! This site always makes me smile! Disturbing Equines


jill said...

I had probably close to 50 Breyers, maybe more if you count the mini ones. Used to pack some up and bike them over to a friend's where we would play for hours with them.
I recently had a yard sale and the first one there was a young girl who came to see the Breyers. She asked me what she could buy with the $100 she had saved.
I sold her the whole lot for $100!
She obviously was just as obsessed as I was about them. I know they will be loved!

Oregon Equestrian said...

My Breyers were boxed up decades ago with the names I had given them affixed with now-yellow tape. I currently have them on display with my childhood horse books.

It's been awhile since I've purchased a Breyer, but as an adult I have sprung for some special models. Such at Huckleberry Bey.

LiveToFly said...


As a kid, they were my favorite thing in the world. I have over 60 of them, many of which are customized. As I got older, I got less into the "play" side of model horses and more into collectible and artistic side. I have custom sculpted and painted about 15 models and started making my own tack and rider outfits. It was a great and fun hobby that I'm not ashamed of having as an adult. Once I get out of school, I'm sure I will go back to customizing them! They are so beautiful :)

Karen said...

I still collect ( and show!) model horses and I'm 31. :-) I have some Breyers, but most are Artist Resins and Breyers that have been otherwise customized. It's such a great hobby - I wish I had to time to participate more than I do.

Once Upon an Equine said...

Oh my gosh..that's funny stuff. Thanks for pointing out the site.

I didn't have Breyers as a kid and just started buying them about a year ago (making up for my disadvantaged Breyerless childhood). I have 4 now.

Jean said...

Have a whole bunch of horse models in my display cabinets here with me...lots of Hagen Reneker china horses and....the Breyer ceramics. Won't go into all that, but they make me happy.

My childhood model horses were those little plastic ones with the bow legged plastic cowboy riders. I had a few Breyers, but they were a lot of money for me back then so I had little horses instead.

Merri said...

geez, I did, and I still have them, though they are packed away in my niece's attic and I haven't seen them for years. But i still won't throw/give/sell them away! and just last week I was lusting after Zenyatta and Rachel Alexandra...
- The Equestrian Vagabond