Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year - whatever.

2009 sucked. 2010 sucked some more. Just praying I don't pull a hat trick of suckiness.

But there was a bright spot yesterday. Both of my boys jumped a cross rail for the first time in their riding lessons yesterday. I will never forget the look of surprise on their faces the first time the pony hopped over the cross rail, then the huge grin of sheer joy when they realized that they finally got their wish and actually JUMPED over a fence! Two years of lessons and they were finally getting air time!

The second time over they tried harder to keep their heels down and hold mane when they released. By the 3rd and 4th times they were tight and smiling the whole time.


Anonymous said...

That is great about your boys - those first jumps are the most thrilling!

Sending you good wishes and hopes for 2011.

wilsonc said...

That's an awesome thing for you to share with them. I hope you have a better 2011 then the past couple of years have been. Hang in there.

Dreaming said...

I still remember that first flight! What a great feeling
Here's to looking up... Here's to a great New Year!

Braymere said...

I am an incurable optimist. 2011 will be a better year for both of us!

Congrats, too, to your boys. How fun for them to finally be jumping!

English Rider said...

Living vicariously is still living. Did they celebrate afterwards?

Jean said...

Congratulations to the boys! What a thrill to jump for the first time. I hope you manage to get some pictures. They will treasure them in years to come.

My heart still aches for you. All I can do is send my best wishes for a much better 2011 with the perfect horse in the near future. You deserve a break, that's for sure. *hugs*

Denali's Mom said...

Pictures! We need pictures! So glad your boys love horses too.

2011 has to be a good year! No one can go through as much as you've been through without something good happening!