Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pictures from the show

Pictures from this past weekend's show are up on this website! If you would like to see them, they are at this site: Digital Hoofprints

Go to "galleries" you may have to register an email with them to view on the site. Once you are there, look for the 2012 gallery, the Smithtown Hunt Horse Show June 10th. We are in the Opportunity Pleasure division.

Joey is the horse with the blaze and hind stockings. Pictures are pricey. I will order at least one but not sure which to choose. If you have one you like, let me know in the comments and maybe I'll buy the one with the most requests.


Jean said...

H-m-m. I like the trot picture where Joey looks on the bit (7710) but that cantering picture is unique. (7713)
Having kept dozens of pictures from my riding, one like that may remind you more of just how special the show was. (The just standing photos are nice too, but don't show much of what the action was.) They are pretty pricey.

Since it was your first show together, it might be nice to have a few pictures, but at those prices, who can afford it?

Mike Osborne said...

very beautiful horse. nice angles as well. I also came this site last time with nice horse photos.