Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Show Ring Ready: How To Befriend the Show Office Staff

Show Ring Ready: How To Befriend the Show Office Staff

This past weekend I helped out at the show secretary's desk for one of our local Hunter/Jumper shows. I happened to come across this article and thought it would be worth sharing after my experience. In all, the exhibitors were all great to deal with. However, there were a few folks who didn't have their numbers in order and I feel their trainers could have done a better job making sure that their clients were well prepared for what could happen.

If you are a coach, and you are not a newbie at taking clients to horse shows, there is really no excuse for not being sure that they are ready at every level, from sign-in to ingate.


Miranda said...

I use to work the sign up booth at a local schooling show, I was want to kill a few people when the came up without numbers and when we have to hold up s class for one rider not being ready, urg. It's always the same people I've noticed anyways.

S. Lauren said...

That's a good read you linked too. Luckily I took care of myself at the shows, not all trainers will tell you everything you need. I used to do eventing and so at the time, doing an Equitation class was new to me, I didn't know that I had to memorize a pattern! I felt stupid in the ring. I watched a few people go then copied what they did, but apparently everyone else didn't know the pattern either cause everyone did something different. Oh well, live and learn. But I'm always nice to the show people thou, they make the shows possible!