Monday, August 27, 2012

A Good Weekend

So I rode both Saturday and Sunday and Joey was a rock star as usual. There were lots of jumps set up as the barn owner's daughter was prepping for competition at the Hampton Classic on Sunday. I played with the cross-rail, LOL. I also was daring and trotted him over the small liverpool she had set up. Joey jumped it with no hesitation and better than the cross-rail.

The best part was on Sunday, as I rolled up the driveway toward the barn, Joey was lounging in his paddock. I rolled down the car window and called out to him, "Hey Pony, whatcha doin'?". His head lifted and he watched the car as I parked at the barn.

As I got out of the car and walked to the stable I called him again and he started to stroll up towards his stall. Then he stopped, he never took his eyes off me the entire time. I went into the barn and was now out of his sight. I stood in front of his stall, opened the door and called him again.

There was the thunder of hooves and Joey burst into his stall at a trot and came right over to me sniffing my shirt and nuzzling me. Mind you, he doesn't get treats right away when I arrive at the barn and those are always in his bucket. So I guess it was the scratches and nose rubs he was interested in.

But after the past week or so of worrying about what was, I was really happy that he reminded me what IS!


Promise said...

I'm so glad he's proving those stories wrong. You guys look great together -- and it obvious he loves and respects you.

Annette said...

This was wonderful to read. It makes you wonder what people did to him in his past -- such a sweet horse. He was meant to be with you.

Lisa said...

Where is that 'like' button? :P

Jean said...

Always keep "What is" in your mind. Horses live in the moment and when we are with them, we need to as well.

Chris said...

That sounds so delightful! I love those kinda moments/days :D

Cousin B said...

Awe...I loved hearing about his thundering hooves running up to you!