Friday, May 8, 2009

The English Cowboys

My boyz had their riding lessons yesterday afternoon. They just love to ride. I can't get them dressed to go anywhere else without a fight yet if I tell them to get their breeches on for their lesson they zoom upstairs and are ready to go in seconds.

There is a pony named Buddy that one of the boyz is just smitten with. This is a cute, little, fat, white pony who is generally well mannered but still has the usual cranky pony moments (such as when having the girth tightened). To see the look of love on my son's face when he's around this pony gives me such joy. The other boy doesn't care which pony he's given to ride, as long as it's fun.

They have a natural seat, their heels are almost always down without thinking about it and they have good rhythm in picking up a posting trot. I'm guessing we are almost another month or two away from totally independent hands (no "cheating" by holding the pommel of the saddle when posting or using the reins to brace against). They are still on the lunge line and that's just fine but the steering is improving, too.

When we went to the swap meet a few weeks ago they both bought cowboy hats from a friend of mine. Now it's what they wear to their lessons. They arrive in little breeches, paddock boots and half chaps with their cowboy hats on and their helmets and gloves in hand. The helmets go on for the lesson and as soon as they dismount, they ask for the cowboy hat and hand me the helmet. Then off they run to jump ground poles and ride imaginary horses. My English Cowboys.

I wonder if the ones who should have had the next equine in the family are them. Perhaps what I should have bought or leased was an aged pony with a bunch of miles on it for them to enjoy.


Anonymous said...

It's nice that you have boys that are interested in horses - my girls were horse-obsessed almost from the moment they could talk!

Jean said...

Good for you and good for them. Riding is great for kids.

Troxel makes cowboy safety helmets if you ever want to spend $100 on one. Kind of mixed reviews I guess because they are larger than normal cowboy hats.

Meantime, enjoy the Boys' enthusiasm and hope it continues. If they don't lose interest, I'm sure you can find a nice pony they'd adore to keep Rugby company.

Kritter Keeper said...

that is great at their age they are coming along so well! i wish i had a safe place so that my 'younger' little friends could trot while on jessie. am working on that outdoor arena!!! thanks for joining my blog...really look forward in reading your past posts. by the way, your job sounds really interesting! love that stuff...

Mrs Mom said...

We are lucky enough to have Snickers Pony here on a lease arrangement (initially it was supposed to be to keep Sonny Bunz company. But the Little Mens fell head over heels for him!) I'd have to say, if the chance comes up when they get a tad older, do it! Riding is sooooo good for kids. And it seems, at least from what I remember- things are liable to be a lot different these days- that the kids who ride and have horses in their lives stay away from the negative stuff they are exposed to when they aren't with their folks. (I still think had someone gotten my husband's neice a horse a while back, she would not be half the little snot she is today....)

I can just see your guys in their duds and cowboy hats... How cute is that! ;)