Friday, May 22, 2009

Tomorrow is NH day!

I am so looking forward to tomorrow morning's training session with T.S. :)

My boys had their riding lessons last night. Afterward I was chatting with my long time trainer, "the Master" as you know him from reading previous posts. I opened up and explained everything that happened with Rugby and what I'm going through about being hesitant to ride him again.

He told me he completely understood how I was feeling about all this. He's going to be 50 this year and has bad back problems. He said that it's harder to just get up on green horses now and ride because he simply can't afford to get hurt. He tries to steer his customers toward more trained horses because he's better able to physically continue to help them with their goals, the greenies are too unpredictable. He agreed that having the NH trainer come to try and sort things out was a good idea.

He said that if any of his students wanted a green horse and thought to make something of it, I would have been the one he most felt could do the job but he told me very seriously, "if you do not feel comfortable or safe to get back on him and ride - do not do it. If you have to move him on to someone else, then sell him. At our age, and with our experience we have nothing to prove to anyone, now we do what's right for us".

He's right. And I appreciate the understanding especially from him. He knew me and trained me back in the day when I rode the rank stuff as well as the good stuff. He knows what I am capable of because he's seen it. He also wanted me to understand I've earned the "right" to choose not to deal with it if I don't want to, now. He supports my wanting to try again and try an approach that I haven't before.

I like Rugby, I really do and when it's "right" he's just the best. I want in the saddle what I seem to have on the cross ties when grooming, that relaxed, friendly communication. Let's see what T.S. can bring to this partnership.


Anonymous said...

Your Master is correct - you don't have to prove anything to anybody, just do what feels right to you! I'm looking forward to hearing how your session with the NH trainer goes, and your thoughts after that.

OnTheBit said...

Well my fingers are crossed for tomorrow! And I think that you master is totally right. If you don't want to ride don't. Your gut knows better then you head some times. I know that you are a rational thoughtful person so you already know this, but don't pin everything on the 2 hours because that is just a lot of pressure for the NH trainer to live up to! And I agree with the master that if this doesn't work out sell Rugby. You don't need to be attached to a horse that is going to hurt you.

Jean said...

I am totally in agreement. And, as I've said before, I ran into this with my Tucker. I would not hesitate sending him to someone for training or to hire someone to work out any "glitches" I couldn't handle.

Tuck is adopted, so I have made a lifelong committment to him which does make a difference. I will never get rid of him, so I constantly need to confront any challenges. So far, since the ulcer meds and Kenny Harlow training, so good. He still has issues, but I can cope with them

Like you, I used to ride almost anything. Age and wisdom have changed me considerably.

Do not be put off by your concerns about Rugby. I have a feeling he is a "GOOD HORSE" who just needs some more training. If you can afford it, he may well be worth hiring someone to get some good solid saddle time into him. The NH trainer might be good--can't speak for his methods myself, or perhaps there is someone else in your area who can get some mileage on him for you so you don't have to risk yourself.

I am with you 100% on whichever way you go. Losing your nerve about a horse is not fun. Trust me, I know.

Jean said...

Did you have the training session???

How did things go!!?????