Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Foxhunter's Guide - new fave blog!

Just found my new favorite blog - Foxhunter's Guide. If you have ever hunted or know someone who does, you might find this a fun read! Here's an exerpt that should make you chuckle:

You Might Be A Foxhunter If…

1. You’ve ever been charged with riding while intoxicated.

2. You’ve ever been pulled over on your way to the hunt ball and been asked if the circus is in town.

3. You’ve ever mucked out a stall wearing a tuxedo or an evening gown.

4. You’ve ever peed in a stall while wearing a tuxedo or an evening gown.

5. You have your orthopedist’s private number on speed dial.

6. You can legally claim your vet as a dependent on your income tax forms.

7. You drive a $2000 car and ride a $20,000 horse.

8. The only religious service you regularly attend is Blessing of the Hounds.

9. You think it makes perfect sense that a heavy, dinner-style meal served in late afternoon is referred to as “breakfast.”

10. Your sporting attire is all custom made and the rest of your wardrobe comes from Tractor Supply.

11. You can recite the bloodlines of every hound in your club’s kennels but frequently forget the names of your own children.

12. Gentlemen: You’d rather read Practical Horseman than Playboy.

13. Ladies: You’d rather read Covertside than Cosmo.

14. Your house has a mudroom that’s actually full of mud.

15. You’ve ever been busted for possession of a controlled substance and it turned out to be Ace.

16. You’ve ever run out of Tylenol and used Bute instead.

17. You’ve ever found out that your spouse was having an affair with the huntsman and decided it would be easier to replace the spouse than to find a new huntsman. (Submitted by Harry Kuniansky)

18. You’re only willing to accept a job that allows you to take off at least one weekday from September through March.

19. You can walk through airport security naked and still set off the metal detector.

20. You’ve ever told a paramedic, “If you even think about cutting off my custom-made boots, I will get up off this stretcher and kick your ass!” (To personalize this one, feel free to replace “custom-made boots” with “leather breeches,” “scarlet coat,” or any other garment a thoughtless EMT was approaching with scissors in hand.)


Jean said...

I would definitely not recommend #16. Bute is not a drug to be taken lightly by humans.

Love the bulk of the humor, though. Takes a horseman to know one, that's for sure.

Thanks for the laugh.

English Rider said...

Found myself nodding at quite a few of these. Memories of a fourteen year old and a pony discovering "Stirrup Cup". I never did remember much about that hunt.

Anonymous said...

Very funny! Have to check out the blog.

Mrs Mom said...

LOL at number one-- they do that here in the Southland, and call it "Budweiser Olympics"

Sounds like a great read! Can't wait to check it out!

Chara Lynn said...

Hilarious!! I will definitely be checking out that blog! I agree with Jean on #16 as well.

I have gotten way behind on everyones blogs. I am attempting to catch up, quite a feat by the way.

Make sure you zoom over and check out all the new changes to my blog. I have tons of new giveaways too, new one posted all the time!!
Stay Fabulous

JennyB said...

I too found myself identifying with a few of these! Absolutely hilarious!! Thanks so much for sharing it!

~~ JennyB, Horsefeathers

Stephanie said...

oh my that is too funny!

And #20!!! hahaha... when I broke my leg in May I actually drove home so I could peel off my good breeches and put on sweats before I would let them take me to the ER so they would not cut off my 250$ breeches. My husband thought I was crazy... they did cut off my sweats!

Thanks for the laugh :)

JanLou said...

Will have to check this one out.