Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 7 of 30 Day Horse Challenge: Your favorite ribbon won at a show and why

Day 7 - Your favorite ribbon won at a show and why.

My favorite ribbon? Wow, another one I have a hard time answering. A few moments come to mind, though;

- Winning the "slow turtle" award for having the slowest time on a hunter pace. (but having a great time being the best loser)

- A 3rd place ribbon won at the Hampton Classic Horse Show in a class with 39 other riders.

- 3 blue ribbons and the championship in a hunt seat equitation Medal/Maclay division riding a school horse I leased a week before because my own horse was injured and I wanted to keep from losing all the points I'd worked so hard for with her. (by the way, that school horse was bought at an auction, had a myriad of health issues and was actually too small for me, but he was honest, brave, smart and swapped his leads effortlessly. I went on to win end of year coolers and ribbons with him as my horse healed and when show season was over, he was sold immediately to another adult rider who also won every time he competed with the horse. I had named the horse "Alternate Plan" as a joke for his show name, and it stuck and became his registered show name with his new owner.)

- My first ribbon ever, a second place won on my first horse in the Maiden hunt seat equitation division.

- Winning an over fences class riding Monty and besting a fancier horse that was tops in our zone.

- Ribbons won in a dressage test after finding my black mare scored perfect 10's on her halts! Her walks could be jiggly and her transitions a bit rushed but that mare could square at the halt like no horse I've ever ridden.

I'm sure there are more, but these are some of the best I can remember.


Jean said...

Great memories all. It's so much fun to look back on all your successes.

Not sure myself which ribbons I cherish most. So many memories flood into my head when I think about it.

Alternate Plan sounds like one of those true gems of the horse world.

Nicku said...

While I'd like to say it was my Area VI championship's not. That was a huge accomplishment and marked one heck of a season with my horse, however there's another that sits a little closer in. My favorite ribbon is the first place one my current mount won at his first dressage show. He scored over 70% and was the talk of the show. It's one thing to think your baby horse is cute and cool...quite another for a legit judge and random strangers to confirm his awesomeness! Go Pongo :)

Dreaming said...

What a great show name for your leased horse.
I'm enjoying reading your 30-day horse challenge.

Michelle said...

Oh man! It sucks that I am late to the challenge. It sounds like it would have been fun to participate. Oh well....