Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Passion For Horses Supersedes Sanity | The Chronicle of the Horse

This is what I'm going through right now. I am lost. I have no horse. I can't ride and don't know for how long before I can even try and even then, what horse do I attempt to get on? Excellent article for all who know what having a passion for horses truly means.

A Passion For Horses Supersedes Sanity | The Chronicle of the Horse


Jean said...

Well written, that's for sure. Right now, due to several repeated physical limits--my bad knees and my repeated back chiropractic issues--I have backed off on my own riding. But just having the horses, seeing them, caring for them, and, above all, loving them, is still pretty great.

The measure of when I needed to replace my chronic and badly damaged knees? When riding started to become difficult. Riding and the horses have always been my priority--clearly superseding sanity in my case.

Jean said...

My comment was lost.

I can truly relate to this article, however, and it's pretty clear you can too. Here's hoping you will be able to feed your passion in the near future once you are all healed up again and ready to ride.

Julie said...

Enjoyed my visit to your blog! Hope you heal quickly!


CMW Charlton said...

oh I couldn't imagine the heartbreak of being told not to ride. But I do think its wise that we gravitate towards safer riding as we get older: broke horses, safe circumstances, etc. My dad had 2 concussions in the past 5 years playing polo and it has given him quite the scare- he truly can't remember as well anymore. He has decided to trail ride and stick and ball- no more tournaments on the weekends... and to travel a little more so that he fills the gap. It's sad, but it really is my family's best interest that he slow down a little. Thanks for sharing! Corinna