Thursday, August 18, 2011

All is Good and Well

Have been swamped at work and my new schedule of traveling to the stable to work with Joey. But all is Good and Well so far. Joey is sweet and kind. He's been the same horse every time I have worked with him. No surprises and so steady. I'm working on his balance and strengthening at the walk and trot in order to improve his canter depart, which can get rushed until you get him to soften his head and relax into a long frame, then he's quiet and comfortable.

But I have time, lots of it and prefer to work on my basics at the walk and trot to improve those gaits first. And there's lots to work with from cavaletti, to pattern work (figure 8's and serpentines and cloverleaf) so he doesn't get bored.

And my knee is doing surprisingly well, too. It's a bit stiff, I can't flex it enough to kneel but I can jog up a flight of stairs! Probably will never be the same with or without surgery but I have time to decide when that will be.


Dreaming said...

It's nice to hear such positive news, especially with all the tough stuff you've been through. Hooray!

Jean said...

This is truly a wonderful post in several ways.

First, of course, is Joey. He sounds like an angel and just exactly the horse you needed.

Second is that you are riding regularly and, I hope, coming out of your depression. I was so upset to read how sad you were. Score one more for "Joey Angel."

And, good news indeed about the knee. I will be interested to hear whether or not the riding actually helps--which it may. This too is good for me to read because of my upcoming replacement surgery. If your knee is coping well and actually becomes stronger with the riding, that bodes well for me.

So, here's hoping it all stays on the upswing with that leg. I am rooting for you and sending huge hugs to Joey.

Annette said...

Wonderful news! I agree, getting the basics down cold at walk and trot help tremendously down the road. Foundation, foundation, foundation. It sounds like you and Joey will be enjoying the journey together.

Lisa said...


Once Upon an Equine said...

I'm very happy for you and Joey. And glad your knee is feeling better.