Friday, August 26, 2011


I am not handling this whole hurricane Irene situation so well. I'm probably not well prepared. I'm looking cross-eyed at 3 big trees around my house and hoping they stay where they are and don't decide to give up the ghost and crush my home.

I'm worried about Joey. They want to move him from the big old barn he's in to the smaller shed row barn behind it because they are worried about the roof on the big barn. I have 2 options available, to move him to the smaller barn or have him sent to a barn further east with a newer building and he'll ride out the storm there. I don't know what anyone else is doing at the barn. I'm going to opt for the shed row because my budget can't handle shipping him and paying to hold him at another facility but I'm still uneasy. UPDATE: Barn manager says horses are all staying put.

Dear God, please protect Joey. We have only just found each other. Give us the chance to have a long, healthy lifetime together.

Please protect all my friends in the horse blogosphere that will be touched by Irene in the coming hours. May everyone be safe!


Anonymous said...

Sending best wishes and thought to both of you, at a scary time.

Mrs Mom said...

Sure hope that you guys are not anywhere near the mandatory NYC evac areas. Fingers crossed that Irene is down to a dull roar by the time she hits your area. Keep us posted as you can how things are going- lot of us out here praying for you guys!

Jean said...

Thank you for your good wishes. I am in Central New Jersey, but only about 30-40 miles from the coast...depending on where.

I am sending prayers and good wishes back to you, especially for Joey. The storm seems to be weakening a bit, so perhaps we won't get the horrendous winds we're all dreading.

I am doing my best to will Irene out to sea.

Dreaming said...

Sending good thoughts your way. It looks like they think the storm will be downgraded to a category 1.... so that's good news.
When I lived in coastal SC the stable owner where I kept my horse always planned on letting the horses out into the field in the event of a hurricane - figuring they were safest if they stood with their tails to the wind, than if they were in a building where boards might blow down.
Let us know how you fare.

Mikey said...

Praying it all goes well for both you and Joey.

Now That's A Trot! said...

Central NJ here, too... Adding my own good thoughts for the coming days. We'll get through this. :)

Chelsie said...

I'm from Delaware. Hopefully, all will be ok, and it will weaken some. I'm concerned about my horses as well. I'm praying that it all goes well for everyone.