Thursday, May 15, 2008

Old School

Let's travel back in time. My past life, my past horse. This picture is ©Terri Miller and taken at the AHRC horseshow which was held at Stillwell woods in Syosset NY.

The year is about 1981-82.
The horse was my OTTB mare, Alta.
The class was one of the Equitation divisions.
The saddle - A Crosby Prix Des Nations.
The boots - Dehner customs.
The helmet - Definitely not ASTM/SEI approved.

And yes, 25 years ago, the light color hunt coats and dove gray breeches were VERY in vogue.


Grey Horse Matters said...

We competed in Syosset too, I remember the Dehner's(still have them) Crosby Pris de Nations,(still have it)and I like the grey better than the blue and tan. Looks like a nice horse too. That's an old picture,can't believe we all wore the hat with no chin strap back then(still have it, but don't wear it anymore).

SolitaireMare said...

Hi Grey Horse!

You were at Syosset, too? Hmm, I'll bet our paths have crossed! Yes, I still have the Dehner's (but sadly not the same legs that used to wear them). The Crosby was a trade in for my dressage saddle when I switched disciplines and it's nice to see other colors besides the blue and tan are out there again.

LOL, and I still have the helmet. Remember what a badge of experience it was to have a helmet where the velvet covering was sunburnt to a faded grey-brown color? That meant you rode and showed - a LOT. I remember Rodney Jenkins and Harry DeLeyer had helmets that looked like that. I was a proud kid when I noticed the color seeping out of that velvet.