Saturday, May 31, 2008

One More Day...

Thanks to those who wished us a great ride. Well, seems we are on for Sunday. Called the event phone message last night and they said due to the threatening weather reports, they were moving the ride to tomorrow's rain date.

This is wonderful news for me!! It's hard to organize myself after a full day of work. Plus, one of my sons got stomach sick in the middle of the day yesterday, so I had to race out of work, pick him up and leave him home with grandma, then scoot back to the office. My job is really crazy at this time of year, so I'm burnt by the time I have to pick up my other son from school. Then I get home to find my husband is stuck working a little late. Swell...

I went to check on hooking up the trailer when I notice my trailer registration hasn't yet been renewed. Great, all I need is to get pulled over with an expired registration. Thank goodness the inspection is valid. I went online and took care of the renewal but now I only have my confirmation email as proof of validity. Must pray that I don't get nabbed with expired sticker and if I do that cop chooses to accept the confirmation and leave me with a warning.

Now I'm looking for my riding clothes and tack and things to get together - all the while hoping,wishing,praying they will change to Sunday. Talk about sweet relief when I heard that message!!

Now Monty gets a proper bath, I'll load my truck and hook up the trailer without rushing and feel like I'm prepared instead of punk'd! It's getting cloudy, now. The rain should be here soon.

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