Saturday, May 10, 2008

Trail Ride Numéro Deux

After two days of rain, rain, rain, today was sunny and cool here in NY. So my friend and I headed out on trail again. Monty was exactly what I expected and considering he also hasn't been ridden since last Sunday, I guess he was even a little better than I expected! And boy, did I need a fairly calm ride to settle myself since my twin boys have been like two wild colts. I need to do some "Natural Kidsmanship". They need someone to run them around a round pen and then sit on them!

Leaving the property was no problem and the only time he got frisky was when we turned around to go back at the place on the trail that becomes an absolute swamp when we get a lot of rain. And I'm talking suck-the-shoes-off-your-horses'-hooves swampy! Otherwise we would have kept going, because past that point we come to the grazing field nirvana. There isn't much lush grazing grass at our barn but in this field it's a real treat and the horses get to feast on the thick grass and clover.

Next week we will head up to the trails on the higher ground. Tomorrow is Mother's Day. Too many things to do and people to see so we will be schooling in the arena at home.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Happy Mother's Day. Like your blog and find it interesting. I saw the pictures of Old Field Farm, we used to compete there quite often when we lived on Long Island, but it became so run down they had to close it. I'm glad to see someone has taken the initiative to restore it. It's nice to see a fellow Long Islander in the blogosphere.

Callie said...

Except for the swamp, sounds like a nice little ride.