Wednesday, June 4, 2008

O'Halloran Co. - Gone, But Not Forgotten

Once upon a time, I was at the Hampton Classic horse show enjoying the shopping experience. I came across a vendor with the most beautiful and unique equestrian inspired fashion items. Most of the pieces that were outstanding were from a new designer whose company was called O'Halloran Co. The items were priced beyond my budget back then but I never forgot her style. I recently searched for her company online, only to find she had closed her business due to an injury suffered while riding.
She had only been producing mechandise for a few years, I wish she would have been able to continue, I would have loved to watch her line evolve. I have been fortunate to find and buy some rare gems from her line on Ebay and still hunt for pieces from her collections.

So here is the link to her website. Although you cannot purchase any of her items, it is interesting to browse around and see her designs. If she should ever start her business again, I welcome the return!

O'Halloran Co. Equestrian Fashion


Grey Horse Matters said...

A few years ago I purchased a coat and blanket and saddle pad from that company. When I went back to purchase more they were out of business it's a shame because it was really nice stuff.

SolitaireMare said...

My best Ebay find from her company is a brand new blackwatch plaid saddle pad. Someone had won it as a show prize and didn't like how it it looked with their horses' coloring. That's one great thing about a grey, neutral colored horses go with everything!!