Friday, June 20, 2008

It Begins...

This has been a good week for riding! Made it to the barn in the evening 2x to begin working on my training level adventure.

I have to make or find some letters to mark the ring. Right now my landmarks are trees, rocks, barn stuff and horse poop piles conveniently left in the proper places. My practice tests go sort of like this;

" enter working trot at the opening on the short side of the ring. Halt and salute next to the X-rail (cute, a X-rail at X), proceed working trot to the newly planted sapling tree and turn right. At the large boulder (*giggle* get it? - Boulder begins with "B" ... never mind! ) newly removed from the footing make a 20 meter circle. At the Pitchfork leaning against the barn/ X-rail/ pile of poop on side of ring, change rein working trot. At newly planted sapling, working canter left lead. At mounting block next to barn, 20 meter circle. Between mounting block and pitchfork against barn, working trot..." and so on, LOL!

I saw my friend E.W. at the barn last night and I popped the question-

"Have you ever read a dressage test for someone at a show before, because I seem to remember you telling me once you did?"

And her answer was, "yes" AND she said she'd be more than willing to be my reader and help me at the show! COOL!

So now I am in search of a dressage instructor willing to come to my barn just for a few lessons. I know what needs to be worked on by feel, mainly my transitions but I want a ground person to tell me what the judge will see.


Mrs Mom said...

LOL LOVE your markers! Sounds like things around here, too!

Gald you found a reader- good luck finding an instructor for pointers too! You are in a good area though, so it should work well for you!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Love the markers, what happens when it rains and the poop is gone though! Good luck finding a trainer and at the show.

Anonymous said...

Not sure where in Long Island you are but an EXCELLENT dressage instructor from my area just moved there. Her name is Diane Rodich. She is a USDF certified instructor. I have seen her teach and she is really good. Calm, encouraging, firm, and fun all in one. She was a bit out of my price range but if you are only going to have her out a few times it would be worth it. I know many of her clients were very bummed she was moving out to Long Island, but this might just work out for you. Her info is some where on the USDF website. You can probibly just goggle her too.

Chris said...

Eheheh... very amusing markers! You got lots of stones around? Or moreso, decent sized rocks? Could paint the letters in white or a bright colour on them and place them around the arena...

Good luck with the instructor hunt!