Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Spring Vineyard Ride - Got My Photos!!

I was thrilled to get the photographer's information about the pictures from the Vineyard Ride! (Thanks to Sally!) That's me, on my big white Monty.

I just bought these 4 pictures and couldn't wait to show to all so I'm putting up the small reference shots to share. The entire © peter-marney gallery from the ride is available at SmugMug.com. Check them out for a really great viewing of the day!


Mrs Mom said...

Fantastic shots- Monty is a big handsome fellow there!

Wow you ARE lucky to be so close to LIEMC! Down here in the Southland- in *this* particular corner- we have one vet. One- who is local. The other comes down from SC< and is like an hour plus away. The one local vet is umm.... well.... not so much a great Dr if you know what I mean...

Guess I got spoiled up in Tundra Country- there were loads of GOOD equine vets up there!

Twinville said...

I looked at the photos from the link to smugmug. wow! What a day and ride...and lots of wine. fun fun fun!!
Monty is gorgeous! You look so happy. I've got to lear how to braid horse's mane and tails like that. Pretty.

And man what a huge horse that big white draft horse, too.
Thanks for sharing the pics and your fun ride.