Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Monty's Christmas List

Thanksgiving is almost upon us. Soon my addled brain will be forced to cope with the reality of holiday gift shopping. So, to have some fun, I thought I'd start Monty's Christmas list for Santa, which will be some of the cool things I find that I think he'd put on his list:
Monty -"How about this nice Skull and Crossed bones embroidered saddle pad from Union Hill? It has a very Ralph Lauren Rugby collection vibe. C'mon mom, I'm just badassed and preppy enough to pull this one off! (besides, you owe me for the embarrassment of that pad with the cherries on it)."

Monty - "And looky, they have matching embroidered polo wraps to complete our style!"


Katie said...

Hehe! I love those items! Man we never get anything like that here in NZ!

PS. I will be getting on to my 6 things post soon!

OnTheBit said...

I saw that pad and wraps at the equine affair! Monty might be tough enough to pull that off, but I know I am not :P They have very cute frog stuff from the same collection! What I really want someone to make is a blue ribbon pad and wraps!