Thursday, November 20, 2008

What are Children good for?

Had to share this soooo cute picture that was emailed to me by a friend. Also, to update how my boyz are doing with their riding. They continue to enjoy their riding lessons. We entered a small schooling show on Nov. 1st at the same stable they take their lessons at and they rode in the leadline classes, walk only and walk/trot. Proud mom that I am, I thought they looked great! My husband shot video, will see if I can figure out how to get some up on the blog to share.

Of course, all the leadliners entered in each class got a blue ribbon! Leave it to my kids, after they got the blue ribbons in the first class, when they pinned the second class with all blue ribbons, they asked if they could trade them for "better" colors!! So while the Master looked on in horror, my boyz happily handed the confused ribbon girl their blues and smiled as they were exchanged for a green and a pink ribbon respectively. LOL, the next riding lesson was preceded by a gentle lecture from the Master that the only "better" color there is, is BLUE!


Grey Horse Matters said...

I've seen that picture before, it's really cute. Glad your boys had fun at the show. Wow, blue ribbons all around huh. Too bad they traded them for prettier colors, but that's kids for you. Wouldn't it be nice if everybody couldn't care less about the color of the ribbons they got, just how they did.

OnTheBit said...

aww...Your boys are the BEST! Everyone makes fun of me but I am DYING to get a purple ribbon...most places only pin until 6th though. You can get that if I am even in a class of 7 that pins to 8 I am so throwing my ride so I can get the purple!