Friday, November 21, 2008

Six Things About Me

On The Bit has tagged me again, this time with "Six things about me".

The rules are as follows:

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Hmm, 6 random things about me...

1) I have a crazy love for cherries. I don't know when or why but cherries make me smile and I have all kinds of clothes, accessories and jewelry with the little red buggers on them. For awhile, I even had a black saddle pad made with cherry print fabric. My husband used to tell Monty he felt sorry for him every time he saw the poor beast wearing it. I finally gave in and sold it at a local swap meet to a teenage girl who went ga-ga over it!

2) I think Daniel Craig is total hotness. "Casino Royale" made me a huge fan of "the blonde Bond".

3) I secretly wish I lived in Manhattan, in a nice but not over-the-top apartment, preferably rent-controlled. My husband lived there nearly his whole life. I envy his ease and comfort in getting around in that environment. I went to college there for 4 years, but I was a commuter, not a resident. I love NYC.

4) I wish the National Horse Show was still held at Madison Square Garden. I miss the opulence, the tradition and the fun that I had in my many years going to see that show. My only regret is I never got the opportunity to show there as a junior rider in the Maclay and that my own children will never know what I am talking about when I mention it. And they won't know about Claremont Riding Academy, either.

5) I still have most of my lifetime collection of Breyer horses. At one time the herd was around 200 horses. I have sold some on Ebay but still have many. My boyz are just starting to play with some of the older, more common models. These were my favorites when I was a child. The collectible quality ones are stored safely away for a future on display or to be sold for college funds.

6) I have an impressive horse bit collection. I've mentioned in this blog that I am fascinated with bits. And thanks to Ebay, I've picked up some really nice and interesting ones, even some vintage ones. Monty likes his Sprenger bits the best but good soul that he is, he tolerates my experimenting with this bit and that one. I like to see for myself how certain styles work and he's a reliable test subject.

So, that's six things about me! I'm not sure whom to pass this one to. Most of the blogs I'd tag have already been tagged by OnTheBit! So, here's one or two I think might be game and join the fun:

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Back in the saddle said...

Allright then! I'm "it"! It's cold and grey in Montreal and I really feel like cocooning so the assignment couldn't have come at a better time.

I totally understand your love for Manhattan.I've also read somewhere that 45% of the youth in the US wanted to live on the island. I personally went there twice, last time being last year for the summer holidays with the kids and we all fell deeply in love with the town (for the kids, it was mostly Times Square's Toys R' Us though...)

Anyway, I'll be preparing my response. Coming soon!

OnTheBit said...

hahaha...I love the cherries thing! I have a thing for those cheesy flames you always see so I totally understand. And the owner of the barn where Gen lives and I were just talking last week about how we wished that the McClay finals were still at the Garden. Excellent 6 things...I am glad I tagged you!

SolitaireMare said...

Back in the Saddle - Can't wait to see your response! I'm glad you're up for the challenge and joining the fun!

OnTheBit - admit it, you have one of those flame job design saddle pads or you secretly lust after one! My boyz think the flames are cool too - that, and camouflage on anything. They have been begging me for helmet covers in green camo. I think camo jodhpurs would be da bomb on them!

Back in the saddle said...

My "6 things about me" post is up!I hope you enjoy reading them!

A Bay Horse said...

My post is up. Thanks for tagging me! :)

I was reading about the Claremont Riding Academy after your post mentioned it. Sounds like it was such a unique place.