Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Treats!

A very Happy Thanksgiving to all my blog buddies, both those I feel I know from our trading posts to those who simply read my ramblings and move on. I hope I've made you smile a few times, maybe pick up a tip here or there from things I've learned and be entertained. If so, then my blog has found it's purpose, thank you!

In keeping with Monty's Christmas list and Thanksgiving, here's a holiday appropriate addition to the list:

Skodes Pumpkin Spice Horse Cookies for Fall
Monty - "Looky mom! Pumpkin spice horse treats! You can NEVER have too many horse treats on hand! Here's what the folks from Skodes have to say;

Our horses are deeply in tune with the cyles and environment of nature. Now there is a great new line of cookies that celebrates this natural harmony: Skode's Seasonal Cookies. Our first recipe arrives just in time for Fall. Made out of fresh pumpkin, organic pumpkin seeds, specialty hays and warming herbs and spices so reminiscent of homemade pumpkin pie you may just steal some of these cookies from your horse! Happily, the combined sugar and starch levels for these cookies is only 6.7 percent. This means they meet the stringnet standards of the Equine Cushings and Insulin Resistant Group. No wonder Skode's Treats have earned the title: "The Worry Free Treats."

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Hello there!
Thanks for -clicking the mouse- to become a follow/lead sharing person for my blog!
I hope you have a wonderful Hliday with all your favorite back to get to know you!