Saturday, March 7, 2009

Maybe, Maybe Not.

I have been having a bit of a rough patch. Had a nasty headache and just all over body aches. I was worried it might be the flu but I felt a little better when I got up this morning.

I have been checking in on and working with Diego all week, Wednesday I lunged him and he was what I expected. With the ground just thawing out, he felt the soft yet not muddy footing and he bucked, and bucked and BUCKED. Any time he went into a canter, it just became a bucking canter, so I'd gently soothe him back to a trot and keep him trotting off the head of steam. I always prefer a horse trotting themsleves tired than tearing around on the line and working themselves up even worse.

Friday, we did the same thing. Today, I took him out, lunged him about 15-20 minutes and as soon as I noticed he wasn't so intent on whizzing around, I mounted up. I did a lot of walking just to settle him and feel him out. Then we picked up a trot. It's obvious he needs lots of basic dressage. He's not really balanced but he is good to the leg, not overeactive. He's a lot of horse. I can handle him, but if I choose him I understand the level of work he will need. I have to think if it's for me. Also, his asking price is more than I feel comfortable paying. With all this doom and gloom economic forecast, if the price can't meet me in my comfort zone, unless he is the reincarnation of my Monty, I also don't think it will happen.

One thing did irk me. I was informed that he walks his stall, a lot. This is no surprise as his owner told me that even before he came in. He doesn't do it all the time and not enough to work himself into a sweat, I'm guessing it's mainly at mealtimes and when horses are coming in and going out. He still needs to adjust to the vibe of the place. It was suggested that he be given "something" to "settle" him in the hopes this would stop it. That upset me. I will not do that and if it becomes an issue then I guess this isn't going to work out. I think a work program will help him to find his "inner peace", but he has to be given the chance.

I'm looking at another horse tomorrow. Maybe something will come of this next one. Why is it so damn hard to find a horse?


Amy said...

its hard for you to find a horse bc it seems like you want a $350,000 horse for $3,500. Is Diego being turned out during the day? Or is he locked in a stall all day unless you take him out and work him? You have had him for 3 days and you dont like him. Do you think he feels secure, happy and comfortable being in his new home? Do you think he really likes you? Maybe he misses his old home.

Jean said...

Oh, Phooey. I was hoping Diego and you would be a match. There's still a chance, I suppose, but some things don't sound too ideal. I'll wish you all the best anyhow.

My friend Stacie has been looking for a horse for nearly a year now. My trainer had been looking as long and has had at least six fail the vetting.

If you have specific needs and desires, it gets hard to find just the right one. I adopted two with the notion that I could train them to be what I wanted. I didn't care if they were potentially quality dressage horses because I really don't have any ambition to be championship dressage rider. Now I am just attempting to train them to the best of their abilities.

Were I in the market for a really good dressage prospect, I'd wager I'd still be looking too. And even if I had a ton of money to spend, (considering what my trainer is going through) I'm not sure it would make any difference.

Anonymous said...

You'll know if he's the right one for you - just trust your gut. If the stall walking doesn't settle down, you might want to find out if he has ulcers. Good luck with your search!

Mrs Mom said...

Its hard because you know exactly what you want.

Slip Diego a mickey? Oh puhleeze! Toss his butt outside some through the day and let him settle out there... ;)

I know I know. Being opinionated- again!

Sure hope you are on the mend there SM!

Chris said...

Not easy is it? Stick to what you want though - I don't see the point in taking on something you're not sure about when just around the corner could be one who isn't exactly what you want, but you can work with any small issues.

Good luck on the hunt! When you find the right one, he or she will have been worth the searching.