Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day! Diego, day 1

I called in a snow day at work. School was cancelled today. Husband's job was closed, I called the office and only two people had shown up by 9:00am. I said forget it, so I stayed home.

Meet Diego. This is him, with my friend when she first bought him 2 years ago.

Played with the kids, then went to the barn to visit Diego. The big guy has already settled in nicely. I took him out, clipped him onto the crossties and began grooming him. Wow! A horse that crossties! I forgot what that was like! What a sweet gentleman. Picks up each foot like a champ. Has no grooming issues, even let me curry his belly. I fit my bridle to him and put on a lunge line, and out into the snow we went. I didn't want him to just sit after coming to a new place and none of the horses were turned out today.

He was really good on the lunge. Even in strange surroundings with the plows banging along the road he was looking around but no explosion. He trotted and walked quite well. I wish he knew voice commands as well as Monty but that will come. He only whinnied once or twice and when none of the other horses answered him he gave it up.

Two directions and 15 minutes later and we were back in the barn. I took the lunging gear off and gave him a little more grooming and back in his stall he went. All said, it was a very comfortable first day. I noticed he really enjoyed Monty's old Himalayan salt lick. He must have been working on that thing like a beaver last night! It was a large sized one, Monty never really liked any kind of salt lick. This guy had gone through half of it in one night! I'm getting him a new one tomorrow.

The other thing that was cute was last night, The whole family went to check on him at about 7:00pm, just before the snow started. The boyz wanted to meet the new horse. We opened the barn door, and Diego was nowhere to be seen, I walked up to the stall and there he was, curled up in the shavings snoozing! At first my husband and I looked at each other like - Oh no! He's not sick, is he?? Then, as he stood up, shook himself and came to the door we both chuckled. Diego came from a farm where he had a nice, big paddock and a run-in shed but not bedding like this. He was just enjoying being warm, dry and cozy.


English Rider said...

Lucky Girl!

Anonymous said...

That's great that he feels safe enough to lie down in his stall already! Congratulations - he looks and sounds like a wonderful horse - what a nice temperment.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Good luck with Diego! He is beautiful and seems like a really nice horse.

SolitaireMare said...

Hi English Rider,Kate and Grey Horse! thanks for the warm wishes! I hope this trial works out and he is the one. I can't wait for this weather to stop already so I can get to the riding part of this process and see if we are a good match.

wilsonc said...

Congratulations on bringing Diego home. Hopefully, he will work out and be staying with you. What a wonderful time of year to have found him too. You will have the whole spring, summer, and fall to get acquainted.

OnceUponAnEquine said...

Congratulations. He's handsome and a good boy too. Sounds like your relationship is off to a good start.
P.S. My horses love Himalayan salt licks too.

Jean said...

Diego is a really nice looking horse. Good shoulder, good strong quarters, moderately short back, good balance in front, and good bone. I really like him.

If he has settled in so quickly and worked that quietly on the lunge, chances are he has a level head and a good attitude. So far all the stars seem to be promising an auspicious future with you.

I love the story of his sleeping in the stall. He must have thought he was in heaven!

I am hoping he is "A Good Horse" for you and it's a match made in that heaven. *Smiling happily at the prospect*

Please give him a hug from an admirer. I can't wait to hear how it all works out--after this snow melts....*sigh*

SolitaireMare said...

wilsonc and onceuponanequine - Thanks for your congratulations, I am almost feeling guilty, he's not "officially" mine, yet but I love having him!

Jean - You have a good eye. I thought those same things. That's why I'm hoping I can scrape the funds together and make it a done deal.

Horseypants said...

Wow, this is a new development! Diego is a really handsome horse. I also have to agree with everyone else that he sounds like a gem.

P.S. Your new header looks cool!