Sunday, March 1, 2009

No New Jersey Trip Today

Weather looks to be progressively worsening today. Called the lady with the horse in NJ and she totally agreed that it was not a good day to take the drive to see him. We rescheduled and in the meantime she said she was trying to dig up some video footage of him. That would be great!

Still waiting to hear back from barn owner if I can bring Diego in. If not today, then will just wait until the weather gives us a break.

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Jean said...

Unfortunately, a big snowstorm is moving in. Wise move not to come. That part of the state usually gets hit pretty hard. You might have been fine coming down, but the trip back might have been bad.

Annandale is northwest of me by quite a bit so I won't be dropping by when you do come. Let us hope Spring stops teasing us and decides to arrive on time or, better yet, early.