Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hurts - so good! and 30 Day Horse Challenge Day 1: When and why you started riding

Today my knee is a bit sore and all the fluid we moved yesterday has moved right back in but I can bend it 90 degrees to the floor now and it's already getting easier to use the stairs.

I am a big fan of good physical therapy. It made me a believer 10 years ago when my wrist was broken from getting kicked by a friend's horse. I will favor an injury until a doctor gives me the green light to do something with it, and after that I will gladly push it. Once this orthopedic surgeon told me I need to start using the knee and getting the fluid out of the joint I was thrilled. Yeah, it hurts but I have no problem with pain as long as it's part of the healing process and I'm not doing further damage.

When I walked in to Pro Sports I was pleased to see the place was as bright, cheery, clean and the staff as nice as they were all those years ago. The therapist who consulted with me and then started my program was perfect. It was also nice that the place was fairly empty with only 1 other patient so I got full attention. I think my favorite part is the ice and the massage. Ice... ahhh. I could use some ice again about now.

So, I've been thinking. This blog is supposed to be about horses. For who knows how long it's probably going to be about me trying to get back to riding horses. That's interesting to some but not really about horses. I've been enjoying A Horse and a Half's posts for the 30 day horse challenge. It looks like fun and is really just 30 days telling about your life experiences with a horse theme. So, to keep this somewhat horse-centric, I'll give it a go.

Day One - When and why you started riding:

Why did I start riding? Because I was a horse mad little girl. I received my first Breyer horse - The Family Arabian Foal in palomino for my 4th birthday. I watched horse movies and westerns on TV. I looked for any horse books I could find in the library. I watched "Gumby and Pokey" and "Mr. Ed" because the horses could TALK! I pretended I was a horse, I reared, snorted, galloped and jumped anything in my way. Obsession, thy name is equus. My poor parents had NO idea what they were in for.

When did I start riding? I started riding at the tender age of 6. I took lessons in a backyard barn from a woman whose daughter had a show pony and she had a big show hunter as well. I wish I could remember her name but all I recall was riding a white pony on the lunge line and she was very kind. I rode there for about a year until I broke my leg while riding my bicycle and was away from horses for about a year. When I went back to riding at 8 years old, it was at a local lesson/hack barn and I have been in the saddle ever since.


OnTheBit said...

I am glad that you found a good PT place that your insurance covers...that is such a huge part of it all! And I LOVE that you are going to do the 30 challenge! I think that you are so modest about your riding that it will be great to some of your stories!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Great to hear the therapy is already starting to help you heal. Physical therapy made the difference for me between a normal ambulatory lifestyle or one struggling to walk. And of course, it also helped get me back in the saddle again.
Well, an my horse friends who helped me understand that my body worked differently after the knee injury as opposed to before. I just had to readjust how I mounted and rode and rebuild strength.

You can do it!

What a lucky gal you were to have horses in your life at such a young age. My stepmother believed that little girls only play with dolls and do housework and that toy horses and riding ponies were for boys.


Annette said...

Physical therapy is wonderful. We are huge believers after my husband's knee replacement a year and a half ago. Painful at first - very painful. But the results - pain free with great range of motion now.

Kelly said...

I kept all my Breyers and handed them down to my youngest daughter, who inherited my love for all things equine. It is because of her that we now own and love 3 horses :)

Jean said...

Great news about the PT. It has always helped me in recovery.

The 30 Day challenge is a great idea. It should keep you busy for the bulk of your recovery too! *S*

Stephanie said...

SO glad to hear you are in PT and at a good place! I agree whole heartedly that good PT makes a huge difference :)

I look forward to your 30 day challenge

Dreaming said...

Hooray for PT and hooray for increased movement!

Your horse craziness sounds like me when I was little. Especially the rearing, pawing, neighing.... I so well remember cantering around and also pretending my bike was a horse.

Can't wait to read more!

- said...

hello there, I just started writing my very own horsey blog after following a number for some time and I would really love it if you could follow it and maybe eventually put it on your page, that'd be great! Thanks! :)