Thursday, July 24, 2008

Caption Challenge!!

Bleh! I'm so very behind in my posting. Yes, I did get one lesson so far with the dressage instructor. Will catch up on all of it ASAP. In the meantime, how about some fun? I found this image and thought it was just asking for a funny caption:

So let's hear from y'all! Share a laugh with your fellow bloggers and let's have some captions!! I'll start us off with this:

- "For Sale: grade Clydesdale cross. Super quiet, easy keeper. Currently owned by adult man but much more suitable for children.. Trained in Unnatural Horsemanship. Will stand on YOUR back.


Sandi said...


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Mrs Mom said...

Oh Thats Just Not Right! LOL

I have ideas, ... but none of them are truly fit to

Great pic though! Glad you posted it!

Cyn 'n Specks said...

Piggy-back ride!