Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Dressage Lesson Tomorrow Night!

I've been so busy that it's been impossible to catch up! I've been working Monty quite consistantly now. We even got back out on trail this past Sunday. The previous Sunday my friend E.W. and I walked over to the stable down the street to watch the dressage show.

She introduced me to her friend who boards there and was also competing. It is this friend's trainer who is coming to give me a lesson tomorrow night! I got to watch this instructor perform a second level test with a young horse she's bringing through the levels and was very impressed with this lady's ability to ride a very consistant test. Even when the young horse spooked a bit and flubbed his lead change, she collected him, corrected him and proceeded as if absolutely nothing wrong had happened. I enjoyed watching her ride, I can't wait to have her work with Monty and I!

And, to top it all off, my twins are taking their first official riding lesson this Thursday. They are really into doing this, I always thought, "ah, boys and horses are 50/50 as far as interest goes at best, and even then it would only be to play cowboys and indians". I'm getting this uneasy feeling I may be wrong about that where these two are concerned. Time to sell more stuff on Ebay to raise funds for this!!


jesterjigger said...

Sounds like a promising relationship if you liked her riding style so much! And I hear you on the selling stuff on ebay, I've been doing the same thing to help pay for my new dressage saddle. My instructor's daughter rides and it's great watching them interact, she's still in high school but does a good job of reminding her mom of things during pirouettes and the like, wouldn't it be cool to end up with the same relationship with the twins?

Grey Horse Matters said...

have a great lesson...