Wednesday, July 16, 2008

That's That.

Aww, thanks for the comments on the posts about my weekend trail drama, you guys. My friend and I were starting to feel bummed about the carrot gesture with all the other fallout after this. I'm glad you saw it as the simple act of thanks we intended it to be!

I also thought the comments we were hearing at the time on the fallen rider's condition didn't jive with having her airlifted to the hospital. I'm sure it was much more serious than we were told.

I stopped at the barn last night to see Monty and the vet who owns the stable where I board was just pulling out of the driveway with his son. We said our "hellos" and then he told me, "you know about her not allowing any outside riders on her property."

I said, "yes."

He said, "I heard she had a pretty bad wreck up there on Sunday."

I smiled and said, "yes, with the helicopter airlift and everything."

Then I asked if the owner had ever considered having waivers for riders from our barn to sign. This woman has a friendly business relationship with the vet, she brings horses from her place to his if there are problems. The vet told me that his office had even offered to work up the forms for her and set up the same kind of liability safeguards he has in place at his farm but she just thanked him and never pursued it.

I have a call in to my farrier for those caulk holes in the front shoes. Hope he will do it and that I have the right road studs in my collection. I can always write an interesting post about proper use of shoe studs!

The section of road we now have to ride on has a slight shoulder but it's a paved shoulder, there are hills on either side of the bend and it's a "blind" bend, to say that as you drive around it, you can't see out of the bend until you come to the top of the hill. Drivers always go way beyond the speed limit there and my fear is to have 2 cars pass us at the same time on the bend. Not much room for that! The other problem is the turn outs for the horses from the big stable all back up to the bend in the road. Sometimes those horses start acting up if they hear the clip-clop of hooves on the road. We all know what can happen to even the quietest horse when horses in turn out start getting rowdy. And a skittering steed on a busy road is not my idea of fun!

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