Wednesday, July 2, 2008

So Who Needs a Horse?

Okay, I thought iGallop was kind of silly but this is kind of cool.

No mucking, no flies, no bucking-rearing-biting-kicking, no feeding or board payments, can ride in any weather from the comfort of your living room... ah, kind of takes the fun out of it. Fellow Bloggers I give you: Horseback Riding Simulators


Grey Horse Matters said...

this seems like an interesting idea, of course, we'd all like to ride the real thing though.

Anonymous said...

I have taken a ride on one of those. The problem is that they only give front to back movement, no side to side, so it doesn't really feel like riding at all.

Chris said...

So I'm really bad at being in that sort of riding attire when it comes to riding my real horse... it'd be amusing sitting on one of those in shorts, thongs or something of the like!