Monday, July 14, 2008


Well, after another round of telephone tag, I used email to arrange another lesson with the dressage instructor. Now all I need is nice weather on Wednesday evening and I'm good to go! This delay has kind of dampened my enthusiasm. I'm hoping all goes well to get me back into the drive to get to a show.

My boyz had lesson number 2. They enjoy it so much! Their smiles as they ride the pony tell me all I need to know. The best part was, when they were mounted, it was as if their first lesson had only been the day before. They retained everything! I marvel at the difference between them and me where horses are concerned. And I wonder if it's just them or is it a difference in how boys and girls relate to horses.

When I was their age, I ate, slept and breathed horses. After a riding lesson I went home and played with my Breyer horses. I wanted to know about horse care. I read horse books, watched horse movies. Obsession was too simple a word!

The boys like to ride, they look forward to the lesson. They talk about it a bit afterward. Then they go home and play with Transformers and ask when are we going to take them to the park to ride their bikes. It's like it's just another thing they do. Their main interest in riding is to get good enough to go trail riding with me.

Speaking of trail. Sunday was a lovely day. My friend, E.W. and I went to the park for a long walk on trail. It was surprisingly quiet, both in the woods where we met no other riders and on the roads where all the cars passing us were very courteous and slow. As we were returning I'm thinking, "wow, what a nice quiet ride, today", but didn't verbalize the thought because I was afraid to jinx the day.

Too late.

As we turned down the road for home, a car approached us and slowed down. The woman driving asked if we were headed to the big stable at the corner. We said yes, as that's the place where we cut through their property to avoid riding on a very nasty bend in the road back to our barn. She warned us there had been an accident at the stable and there was a medical helicopter on the way in and there were all sorts of emergency vehicles on the field. No horses were allowed outside on the property.

Oh great. And all we wanted to do was get home. More to come...

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Anonymous said...

Yikes...Not only did it stink trying to get home but I know from experiance that when you see the helicoper's land at a farm near by it makes you think of all the terrible things that could happen when riding! I can't wait to read the hope it has a happy ending.