Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Horses, Horses Everywhere!

I am once again back to horse shopping and this time I have lots of offers! Hopefully there will be a special one among them. I spoke with a woman I knew from years ago on the show circuit. We used to compete against each other and now she's a friend of a good friend of mine. She owns her own riding school and has 2 or 3 horses I might like. The friend who gave me her phone number also has a horse for me to try and my blog buddy, On The Bit has given me a lead to a nice looking horse in her neck of the woods! Guess what, On The Bit? I'll be in Jersey on Sunday!

I'm kind of blue about the TB colt, though. He really deserves a nice home. If you want to see him or think someone might want him who has the space and time to let him grow up to see who he will be, just email me (look for my contact info at my profile) and I'll send you the link where he is.


Jean said...

Hey, where in Jersey? That's where I am. Central for me, near Exit 8A. We Jerseyans tend to define location by Turnpike Exit, in case anyone out there doesn't know.

I have a friend looking for a dressage horse if any of your friends/contacts know of something good. Similar price range--maybe a little more, but not much.

So sorry about the black colt but if future soundness was a concern, it's not worth the risk when you are looking to make a lifetime committment to a competitive partner. Too much potential for heartbreak and disappointment.

OnTheBit said...

am so excited things are looking up! The colt on Sunday sounded just up your alley so I hope it works out. And if not it sounds like you have some other options going now as well! If you want to meet up for lunch, or if you need a photographer, or tack shopping or anything just let me know. Or if you have time you can come and meet Gen or try my spotted pony (although I do think I might want to keep him for myself after all) it could be very fun. Have fun trying the horse and please e-mail me and let me know if you want to meet up. GOOD LUCK!!! And have a safe trip over. My fingers are crossed.