Saturday, February 21, 2009


This horse buying process is stressing me bad. After speaking with the vets, and yesterday getting the actual printed report of the findings, I did some more research on my own and now I am really stressing. I am calling to speak to the vet who performed the actual exam and ask him about what I have noticed.

What they found, if it is what it's described as, should produce lameness. The horse isn't lame. In fact, the vet told me after he saw the x-rays he went back with the hoof tester and really worked the hoof - nothing. I had blood pulled to run a drug screen. But I held it, I didn't have them run it. My vet said to save money, I should have it pulled, but have it stored. If something came up, then I still had it to run. I think I need to run it now. I want to know if this horse is being "helped" along, even with something as common as bute. A two year old should not need any meds, especially if he's never seen the track. I feel like it's all taking too much time.

Sigh, maybe I should just buy a bicycle.

The boyz finally had their riding lesson this past Thursday after about 2 months off. They were great! Harrison showed no signs of the tension he had in the saddle after his fall! He was back to posting and very relaxed. Time lessened the fear from that one. I enjoy watching them ride. I hope things work out with the black colt. I think he'd grow up to be a wonderful horse for my boys after I finish his training.


Mrs Mom said...

You know, the best thing I can offer you right now (separate from any hoof talk that is,) would be to listen to your gut instinct.

Listen close, and see if this is the right step? If it is the right step, is it to be with this horse? You have time. Breathe deep SM, and take a moment away from things.

OnTheBit said...

hmm...I think getting the blood checked sounds like a good next step. You never know about medical stuff though...if you read my horses case study in the medical journals you would think he was near death, but he stayed sound through the whole thing and is still sound all these years later. Sometimes science and a horse with a good attitude don't always mix. That being said I would hate for you to get stuck with a horse at 2 who is going to have life long soundness issues. I am with Mrs Mom and say go with you gut. Is this horse worth the risk of a hell of a lot of wasted time and money? only you know if he is.