Saturday, February 21, 2009

Rant - No, it is NOT a buyer's market

It's ranting time. I am frustrated, stressed out and actually, rather pissed off, no nice way to say it. I don't think it's going to work out with the colt. I have mulled over all the vet exam info and asked other professional's opinions of the findings. I'm starting to feel there is a risk level here I can't afford to take.

Everyone seems to think it's a buyer's market out there when it comes to horses. I'm telling you, that may be true if you just want "a horse". As soon as you get specific in what your equine needs are, your prospective choices drop to 0.

Just try to find a horse 16.2 hands tall or taller for example. They are out there but not in my price range. I am 5'9" tall with a large frame. Do the math, I need the size of the animal to be fair to both of us.

I only have a certain price I can comfortably work with. I cannot justify spending above that amount. I have other responsibilities and my conscience holds me from doing something stupid. There are many horses out there for that price or less but they are usually lacking in other areas of importance to me.

Most promising horses are many miles away. I don't have more than weekends to drive to see prospects and the last time I did it it was almost 400 miles round trip. An entire day spent on one go-see. I have a family and work full-time. In this economy, taking time off from work to go horse shopping is not going to garner anyone's sympathy. Driving all over to look at horses on my already busy weekends is already getting old.

Internet ads suck. Sorry, no other way to say it. Locally, there are either two kinds of sellers, ones who only sell high end stuff and ones who can only sell horses to people who have no idea what they are looking at. And if I go to someone asking $15000 for their horse, try it and then offer them my measly $5000, do I honestly expect them to take that offer? More wasted time.

Somehow in the past, all my horses just came to me. My first was a lesson horse at the barn I started riding at. My second was bought from the owner of the lesson stable for my dad and then turned out to be a nice show horse for me. My third was an OTTB that the same lesson barn owner was selling for one of his friends at the track. Monty was brought in by my trainer as a horse for one of his other customers and he turned out to be a better match for me. Now I am tring to go this alone and it's just crappy.

So no, the market is not flooded with horses for me.


JJ said...

Just keep looking - you will find somebody. I am in California and have been seeing several very nice ottbs going for about 3000-5000.

I don't know where you are located, but if you are in the LA area, this one is a nice horse: He is a 9 yr old tb...The seller also had a more advanced mare
I was seriously considering him before I got wise and decided that I couldn't afford two horses :(

I am sorry your colt may not work out, but there are so many horses out there that it is better to be disappointed a few times in order to find that right horse

OnTheBit said...

I was actually thinking of you the other day. My trainer's dog vet was saying his wifes horse is for sale. $4,000, 4 years old. Totally striking looker. Black with lots of white markings. Now he is a Percheron/TB cross and he is HUGE. The owner fell off of him once and is now terrified (it is really a long way down) of him so every time he starts to be a young horse (not even being spooky, just not listening) she freaks out and jumps off. The only place she doesn't have a problem with him is on the trails. He LOVES to go on trail rides, jump in the field, etc. She has made him think he doesn't have to do ring work which is why he is so cheap. I would say that I am probibly 2 hours away though so it will again be a haul if you want to come try him. Just thought I would let you know. I have never ridden him myself, but I know that if his owner can ride him he is as safe as can be. He just gets know the "I don't want too"...Everyone thinks he would be perfect for me because they all said once you force him to work he is perfect. I need a 2nd horse like a hole in my head but I did think of you as soon as they told me all about him and his love of going out and about.

SolitaireMare said...

JJ - It's too bad I live in New York. Boogie is a cutie and something I'd consider. 16 hands is "iffy" for me though, either it's a fit or not based on the horses' build. Thanks for thinking of me. I appreciate the thought.

OTB - You rock. I know you have been thinking of my situation and even though you said Texas was for sale back when this all first started, in my mind he's yours.

Hmm, the Perch/TB you describe sounds like a horse I saw on one of the internet ad sites, he was black, same breed and 18.2 hands tall (if they got that right, LOL). If you want to email me, you can always reach me at my address. And thanks for thinking of me!

English Rider said...

Good Luck with the Percheron TB cross. I have long thought that was a great combination. Well done for listening to your gut on the colt.

Jean said...

My last two horses have been adopted from a horse rescue. I was not as particular about the youngest one as I already have a show horse and just wanted someone to play with.

However, my friend is in the same situation as you are. She has been looking for a horse for months. Every one she has found that she likes has had an "issue" and the rest have not at all been as advertised, or suitable. And the prices have been all over the place.

My trainer had been looking for months as well (don't know how he is doing now) in a much higher price range. Apparently he had six horse fail the vetting, and these were expensive horses!

Your horse is out there. That Percheron/TB cross sounds like a good prospect. I love the Percheron dispostition and add a bit of TB???? Might be a winner, there.

Keep up your spirits and don't get discouraged. The ideal horse may still find you first.