Saturday, January 3, 2009

10 (more) Things About Me

So OnTheBit at a Horse and a Half has tagged me with a new "10 things about me" meme. LOL, as if the last 6 weren't the best ones! But she's cool and I'm game so here's 10 (more) things about me:

1) My favorite beverage is Diet Coke.

2) My favorite color is RED!

3) I own way too much tack.

4) I love Elvis movies.

5) Okay, embarrassed to admit it but I play HorseLand (bonus points if you know who I am on that game)

6) Number of horses I've owned - 4

7) My best horse show memory is the time my old mare reared up at the ingate before entering an Adult Amateur Hunter class, cleared the crowd that was standing there, then walked in and produced the winning jumping round.

8) My worst horse show memory is riding at a show in January, on a frigid day when the wind chill was -20 degrees farenheit. The horse I was riding used a pelham with double reins and every time I needed to "shorten up" on the course I couldn't feel one rein, let alone two! Also, long underwear and show clothes are just a bad mix.

9) Spa pedicures are most awesome.

10) I think people who stand on their horses' back in the name of "Natural Horsemanship" look amazingly ridiculous. Like that is a skill that will come in handy in real life. Imagine - "Oh honey, I need to change a light bulb in the barn, would you walk Dobbin over here so I can stand on his back to reach it?" If horses were intended to be a ladder, they'd have steps built into their legs (and we wouldn't need mounting blocks).

And that's 10 more things about me! Now, let me think who I will pass this to...


Katie said...

Bahaha! That last one is halerious! I know some people who would use a horse as a step ladder to change a light bulb.

I LOVE your blue bit! If only we had those in NZ

Anonymous said...

haha...hysterical! That is why I tagged you crack me up! And don't feel bad for play online horse games meant for small children...I am totally addicted to the howrse is sad. And I hear you about showing in the winter and the people on horses backs. I am very glad I made you do it!

Mrs Mom said...

LOLOLOL... I totally feel you on showing in the bitter cold!!! I remember one show as a teen, we showed in a late day squall.... wind was whipping around, and it was OUTSIDE for Petes sake. Lucky for me, I only had two bareback classes left, and I was showing my trusty old Appy Western that day ;) My long johns didnt show under my jeans, and the Judge allowed us to wear our winter jackets. She told me she would trade me for my down

Your list was great!! LOVED the last one, too ;) Although, confession time... I have stood on my horses to pick apples. ;)

SolitaireMare said...

To Katie, OTB and Mrs. Mom - I am so glad I'm not the only one who looks at the whole "standing on the back thing" as silly. I mean, when Lorenzo the Flying Frenchman stands on his horses' backs, it's art. When some of these NH goons do it, it looks exactly like what it is - some goon showboating.

jme said...

ha ha! i've never understood the purpose of standing on a horse's back either. am i supposed to be impressed? by what, the trainer's balance or the fact that standing on a horse makes him feel reeeaaly big? (compensating for something, hmmm...?)

i don't even know what horseland is... who's embarrassed now?

i love your horse show memory! i have lots like that ;-)