Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Leaving for Las Vegas

Photo credit © finna dat, taken in Oslo, Norway.

This photo is my preferred method of flying.

In two days I leave for Las Vegas. It's a business trip, so it isn't for fun. I used to like to fly to other places but I've become more nervous about it, especially having a family left at home to think about. I hate playing out the "what-ifs" in my mind when I have to take a plane.

Every year I work this trade show in Vegas co-ordinating and being stylist and model dresser for our costume fashion show. It's a LOT of work for 2 full days of preparation and then it's over in around an hour. There isn't much time or energy left to partake of some of the fun stuff in Las Vegas. I don't gamble, except to play the occasional slot machine. Actually, my co-worker and I have a little thing we get a kick out of. She's a smoker and the only place she can have a cigarette is in the casino. So we try to see if she can finish a cigarette or if I can lose $5.00 in a slot machine faster!

I don't go out drinking, so while others from our business gamble or go to the bars, I usually wind up alone after dinner. My co-worker friend is older and by the end of the day is usually only up to taking her pain meds and settling into her room. I've had a few instances while walking around and shopping where I'm like, "gee, here I am in Las Vegas, where there's all kinds of cool stuff to do and I'm alone." I know, I could maybe try to get in to see a show but I really don't like doing things alone in a place I'm not really familiar with.

The Coca-Cola and M&M stores are always lots of fun and good for a few souvenirs. However this year we will not be on the strip. Our show is being held at a place called the Red Rock Casino/Resort/Spa. Not sure I'm thrilled about that. One of the salesmen told me it's an activity resort, with hiking, bicycle riding, kayaking and horseback riding. He said, "you should go horseback riding while we're there". I looked at him and said, "um, exactly when do I fit THAT in?" Great, take me to a place where I could do all sorts of fun things but I have to work during the day when those activities are available.

I looked at their website. They have a sunrise ranch ride and a dinner ranch ride. It sounds like it could be fun, but I'd be doing it alone. And my husband is bummed because he's been wishing to go to this exact resort because he's read rave reviews in his road bicycling magazines of their cycling accommodations. If the kids weren't an issue, he could come with me and while I'm working my @$$ off he'd be pedaling his all over the cycling track.

I will not have much if any internet access for the next several days. I'll be sure to post when I return if it was better than I'm anticipating on here. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure it's a lovely resort and a great experience - IF you are going there for a vacation!


OnTheBit said...

Well have a safe trip out there! I am sure that all the work is worth it watching your creating get all the looks! And I really think you ought to try and do the sunrise ride. I know you are going to be tired, and that you don't want to get any less sleep then you are already going to get, and that you don't want to go alone, but how many people can say they got to go away to Vegas and go on a sunrise ride? It is a special, possibly once in a life time, thing to do. And who might get lucky and have it just be you and the guide so then you could actually ride, or maybe you will meet some new friends who will want to keep in touch with you through the blog. I think you should go for it and force yourself to go...I have a feeling it will be fun. I will be sending good thoughts you way for a good trip!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Working 'vacations' are never all they're cracked up to be. Try out the dinner ride it might be fun. You never know. See you when you get back.

KJ Grigoriadis said...

Howdy, Just looking to meet other Horse Folks and invite them to join my online horse Social Network at It's a good thing.


jme said...

it's a bummer that you have to work so hard, but it sounds like fun anyway. i'm not much of a las vegas sort of person, but the ranch ride sounds fun - and you're never technically alone when you're among fellow horse people :-) have fun and be safe.